P1105 Nissan Pickup 1997
P1105 Nissan Pickup 1997

P1105 Nissan Pickup 1997 Understanding the OBD-II Trouble Code

Spirotours.com – P1105 Nissan Pickup 1997. The On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD-II) system in vehicles serves as a valuable tool for diagnosing and troubleshooting engine issues. When the system detects a problem, it generates specific trouble codes to help mechanics and car owners identify the root cause. One such code is the P1105 code, which is specific to the 1997 Nissan Pickup model. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the P1105 Nissan Pickup 1997 trouble code, its potential causes, and steps to diagnose and address the issue effectively.

What is the P1105 Trouble Code?

The P1105 code is an OBD-II diagnostic trouble code that specifically applies to the 1997 Nissan Pickup model. It is related to the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor and indicates a problem with its circuitry.

Understanding the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor

The MAP sensor plays a critical role in the engine’s performance by measuring the intake manifold’s absolute pressure. This information helps the engine control module (ECM) determine the appropriate air-fuel mixture and ignition timing for optimal combustion.

Common Causes of the P1105 Code in the 1997 Nissan Pickup

When the OBD-II system detects a fault in the MAP sensor circuitry, it triggers the P1105 trouble code. Several factors can contribute to this issue:

  1. Faulty MAP Sensor: The MAP sensor itself may be malfunctioning, providing inaccurate readings or no data at all to the ECM.
  2. Wiring Issues: Damaged or corroded wiring in the MAP sensor circuit can disrupt the sensor’s communication with the ECM.
  3. Poor Electrical Connection: Loose or poor electrical connections between the MAP sensor and the ECM can lead to the trouble code.
  4. Vacuum Leaks: Any vacuum leaks in the intake manifold or related components can affect the MAP sensor’s readings and trigger the code.

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Diagnosing the P1105 Code

Diagnosing the P1105 code in the 1997 Nissan Pickup involves a systematic approach to identify the underlying cause accurately. Here are the steps to diagnose the issue effectively:

  1. Retrieve the Code: Use an OBD-II scanner to retrieve the trouble code and any additional related codes. Note down the freeze frame data to understand the conditions under which the code was triggered.
  2. Inspect the MAP Sensor Wiring: Check the wiring harness and connectors leading to the MAP sensor for any signs of damage, corrosion, or loose connections.
  3. Test the MAP Sensor: Use a multimeter to test the MAP sensor’s voltage output. Compare the readings with the manufacturer’s specifications to determine if the sensor is functioning correctly.
  4. Check for Vacuum Leaks: Inspect the intake manifold and vacuum lines for any leaks or cracks that could impact the MAP sensor’s readings.
  5. Clear the Code: After conducting the necessary inspections and repairs, use the OBD-II scanner to clear the trouble code and reset the Check Engine Light.

Frequently Asked Questions About the P1105 Nissan Pickup 1997 Trouble Code

  1. Can I continue driving with the P1105 code illuminated?
    • It is generally not recommended to ignore the P1105 code. While the vehicle may still be operational, the underlying issue could lead to decreased fuel efficiency and potential engine performance problems.
  2. Can a faulty MAP sensor affect engine performance?
    • Yes, a faulty MAP sensor can lead to incorrect air-fuel mixture and ignition timing, resulting in reduced engine performance and fuel efficiency.
  3. Is it safe to drive the vehicle after clearing the trouble code?
    • After clearing the code, monitor the vehicle for any recurring issues. If the Check Engine Light comes back on, further diagnostics and repairs may be necessary.
  4. Can extreme weather conditions affect the MAP sensor?
    • Extreme temperatures or humidity can potentially impact the MAP sensor’s performance. However, modern sensors are designed to withstand typical weather conditions.
  5. Is the P1105 code specific to the 1997 Nissan Pickup, or can it occur in other vehicles too?
    • The P1105 code is specific to the 1997 Nissan Pickup model due to its unique MAP sensor circuitry. Similar codes may exist in other vehicles, but they will have different definitions and potential causes.
  6. Can a DIY enthusiast diagnose and fix the P1105 code?
    • Diagnosing and addressing the P1105 code may require some automotive knowledge and tools. DIY enthusiasts with experience in engine diagnostics can attempt the diagnosis, but it’s advisable to seek professional assistance if unsure.

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P1105 Nissan Pickup 1997
P1105 Nissan Pickup 1997


The P1105 trouble code in the 1997 Nissan Pickup indicates a potential issue with the MAP sensor circuitry. Prompt diagnosis and appropriate repairs are essential to ensure the engine operates optimally and efficiently. Understanding the significance of the MAP sensor and following the diagnostic steps will help car owners address the P1105 code effectively, ensuring their 1997 Nissan Pickup continues to perform reliably on every journey.

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