Renault Espace 2024 Model
Renault Espace 2024 Model

Renault Espace 2024 Release Date Update

Renault Espace 2024. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Renault Espace people-mover. Which will be commemorated by the release of a new version that will, as expected, be an SUV with five or seven seats. Renault has revealed that the next Espace would ride on the CMF-CD platform that underpins the Mitsubishi Outlander, Nissan X-Trail, and Renault Austral.

It’s important to note that the outgoing, fifth-generation Renault Espace is also based on the CMF-CD platform, but it’s a people-mover with SUV-like styling, like every iteration before it. It is currently unclear whether the new higher-riding model will retain the Espace’s exclusive left-hand-drive configuration.

In anticipation of its debut in the northern hemisphere spring (March to May), Renault has published a brief teaser film of the vehicle. The most famous image is of the tailgate, which displays a portion of the extended tail light signature along with the Renault and Espace logos.

Although this image is brief, the overall design appears to be comparable to the Renault Austral that was unveiled early last year but is not yet available on the Australian market. At the time of the Austral’s unveiling in March of last year. A spokeswoman for a local distributor stated, “we will evaluate any right-hand drive product for our market.”

Renault Espace 2024 Release Date

There are currently no other confirmed details concerning the next-generation Renault Espace 2024 SUV. There will most certainly be additional teases and information drops before to the reveal. Renault presently provides the Captur, Arkana, Koleos, Kangoo, Trafic, Master, and Megane R.S. in local markets.

This year, the later of these models will be retired in Australia. The brand has lately announced that the Ultime final edition will be available locally by mid-year. Renault will soon offer locally the all-electric Kangoo E-Tech van and Megane E-Tech Electric crossover. Both of them are currently scheduled to enter the Australian lineup this year.

Australia is expected to receive the future Renault 4 and 5 electric vehicles (EVs) in the long term. In May of this year, Renault Australia’s general manager, Glen Sealey, told us, “We have our hands out for any new EV product that is launched.”

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Renault Espace 2024 Update
Renault Espace 2024 Update


This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Renault Espace, which will be commemorated with the release of a brand-new generation model. The sixth-generation Espace will appear this spring, but it will not be a minivan. Renault has released three teaser photographs of the new Espace and confirmed that it will transform into an SUV.

Given the ever-increasing desire for SUVs and the declining market share of MPVs in European countries, this shouldn’t come as much of a shock. In only a few months, the new Espace will be available in five- and seven-seat SUV configurations. Even though we already know quite a deal about the sixth-generation Espace, Renault is not yet ready to divulge more information.

Renault Espace 2024 Platform

The design of the new vehicle will be remarkably similar to that of the Austral, as evidenced by spy photographs. The French manufacturer reveals that the Espace will ride on the CMF-CD platform, which also underlies the Austral and other RenaultNissanMitsubishi Alliance SUVs, including as the Nissan X-Trail and Mitsubishi Outlander. The same architecture served as the foundation for the outgoing Espace, a conventional minivan.

Renault claims the new Espace will be “comfortable, innovative, and top of the line,” however little more is known. Despite the fact that both cars will offer five-seat variants, it appears that the brand will debut the new Espace as a range-topping SUV above the Austral. This is a bit hazy, but it appears that the brand will launch the new Espace as a range-topping SUV above the Austral. If this assumption is accurate, the Espace will have more upscale amenities and higher-quality materials.

Given the Austral’s similarity in form and technology, we do not anticipate the Espace VI to debut with a separate engine range. The latter is available with a 1.2-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine with mild-hybrid assistance, providing 130 horsepower at its peak (97 kilowatts).

We anticipate that the Renault Espace 2024 mild-hybrid 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine with 140 horsepower (104 kilowatts) will be a more popular option for the larger and heavier Espace. The Austral’s most powerful engine is the E-Tech Hybrid, which combines a 1.2-liter engine and an electric motor with up to 200 horsepower (149 kW).

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Renault Espace 2024 Design
Renault Espace 2024 Design


Some individuals may be unaware that Renault offers an MPV with such a stunning and sophisticated appearance. Well, Renault has lately altered the design of its automobile models and made some adjustments. Despite the fact that when it comes to design, people’s preferences vary. Regardless, the 2020 model year will see enhancements to the Renault Espace, a minivan. Let’s call it the 2020 Renault Espace, which will introduce a new design and set of features for its new generation. Now, you can review the information’s technical specifications.

2020 Renault Espace Redesign & Changes

Renault Espace is based on the Renault Initiale Paris Concept. Which debuted at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show and went on sale worldwide in 2014. In 2017, the subsequent version of the Renault Espace was introduced. Since the Renault Espace has not had any upgrades in the past three years, it is obviously time for a redesign.

Exterior components of the 2020 Renault espace must be upgraded first. As you can see, the most recent model of the 2019 Renault espace features a new design that looks great. It looks huge as Kijang Innova. The low front grill contributes to the athletic appearance. It is not a major issue if the front is not upgraded. However, it may be essential to enhance the rear of this vehicle. It nevertheless has a traditional design with its massive back bulb. We anticipate that the creator will resize it to make it appear smaller and cuter.


When we enter the cabin, the interior design will wow you. We choose an example from the most recent model of the 2017 Renault Espace, which will continue to be used in the 2020 model with additional enhancements. You may examine the futuristic-looking seat design made of soft leather and memory foam for comfort. As a large MPV, this vehicle features three rows of seating, with the rear row convertible into a cargo area. Now, you may examine the futuristic-looking dashboard with its vertical LCD display and button operations. In addition, the wheel appears extremely tiny. Overall, the cabin is quite appealing, although we anticipate that the 2020 Renault Espace will include a fresh interior design.


The engine sector and embedded components of the 2017 Renault Espace have been modified significantly. The 2017 Renault Espace introduced the new Energy TCe 225 EDC engine, which replaced the Energy TCe 200 EDC engine. This engine has a displacement of 1800 cc and utilizes the same turbo as the Alpine A110. This engine is capable of producing a maximum of 225 horsepower and 300 Newton-meters of torque. Making it far more powerful than the 1,600 cc Turbo engine, which can generate 200 horsepower and 260 Newton-meters of torque.

The potent engine will be paired with the EDC-Dual Clutch seven-speed transmission. However, will this engine continue to be utilized in the 2020 Renault Espace? According to a rumor, the next version of the Renault Espace will continue to employ the same engine with a minor improvement. However, we cannot confirm the veracity of this information. Perhaps the manufacturer has a novel concept for a more powerful and efficient engine.


Certainly, when we discuss automobile upgrades, we anticipate the addition of additional functions. As you await the release date of 2020 espace, you are also interested in its features. Regardless, this vehicle’s cosmetic improvements, particularly to the taillights, grille, and wheels, make it seem absolutely stunning. Additionally, it is preferable if the manufacturer offers more color options for the body.

Now, you may inspect the interior, which offers numerous advantages. Regarding the characteristics, you will observe that the new Renault espace will continue to utilize the identical features as the 2017 model. This vehicle is built for seven passengers and has a low profile. Fortunately, the chairs are truly remarkable, not just because of their design, but also because of the materials employed. In addition, this new generation of Renault espace features an intuitive control panel with a larger touchscreen display for effortless operation.

Safety Equipment

In terms of features, safety is the most essential aspect that a contemporary automobile should include. The 2020 Renault espace shares identical safety features with the 2017 model. This vehicle will be fitted with a rearview camera so that the driver does not have to carefully exit the vehicle, and it will be linked to the screen. Also included are easy part assist, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, hill start assist, seat belts, and airbags. Possibly, in the future edition of the Renault espace. The manufacturer will integrate more safety features such as cruise control, a surround view sensor, and many others. However, you must wait till next year because this model has not yet been published.

Release Date & Price

When will the 2020 Renault espace become available? It appears that nobody is aware of the car’s launching date, as it is still under development. According to a speculation, this new Renault espace will debut in the fourth quarter of 2019 or at the earliest in the first quarter of 2020. There is therefore still time to prepare your budgets. Once it is out, you will observe its various features.

What is the price of the 2020 Renault espace? Since officials have not yet announced the release date. We have no idea how much the new Renault espace will cost. It can be somewhat costly compared to the 2017 model. For your knowledge, the 2017 Renault espace cost approximately $51300, thus we can anticipate that the 2020 model will cost approximately $60000. This new model is a bit pricey because it will introduce a fresh concept with additional features.


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